Analisis Manajemen Perpustakaan (Studi Kasus Di MTs Darunnajah 2 Cipining)



Library Management Analysis  (Case study Di MTs Darunnajah 2 Cipining)

This research was conducted at MTs Darunnajah 2 Cipining because it was found that the library management did not provide maximum service to visitors in terms of management and availability of facilities. The purpose of this study was to determine the planning, organization, mobilization and supervision of library services at MTs Darunnajah 2 Cipining.

The method used for literature research is a qualitative description method. The results of the study show that: Library management at MTs Darunnajah 2 Cipining related to library services is still not perfect because of four things, namely, (1) Planning for library services related to planning an institution including the library's vision, mission, and objectives has not been carried out properly, facilitating students is not as much as what students expect, the services provided are not carried out effectively because there are only 2 librarian; (2) the organization of library services is not yet professional, the division of tasks is more burdened to the head of the library, library staff who have teaching hours and more often do activities outside the library so that the coordination between the head of the library and the library staff is less than optimal; (3) the movement of library services is still not optimally carried out between the Head of the Library and the library staff, but the leadership carried out by the Principal and the Head of the Library has been well proven by the direction and provision of motivation; (4) The form of supervision at MTs Darunnajah 2 Cipining is only in the form of supervision from the deputy head of the curriculum and the principal, but it is not optimal because it is not carried out routinely. Meanwhile, supervision from outside parties, namely the city librarian, also does not exist.

Keywords : Analysis, Management and Libraries