Implementasi Pendidikan Karakter Siswa (Studi Kasus Di Smpit Daarul Amiin Garut)




Implementation of Student Character Education (Case Study at Smpit Daarul Amiin Garut)

Character education as education to shape one's personality through character education, the results of which can be seen in one's real actions, namely good behavior, honesty, responsibility, fairness, respect for the rights of others, hard work and so on. Likewise, the education carried out by SMPIT Daarul Amin Garut is to shape the character of its students. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method which is supported by data collection techniques in the form of observation and documentation as well as interviews with principals and teachers of SMPIT Daarul Amiin Garut. Based on the results of the research conducted, the character education implemented at SMPIT Daarul Amiin Garut to shape the character of students is through three excellent programs, namely: first, an academic program focused on four subjects, the second is a tahfidzul qur'an program and the third is a three-language program (English). , Arabic and Indonesian). In addition, other activities or programs at SMPIT Daarul Amiin are extracurricular (scouts, paskibra, pencak silat, marawis) to develop students' talents, abilities and discipline. Language and tahfidz programs to build students' character so that they have an Islamic personality (spirit of the Qur'an) and they are always close to the Divine. Farming, culinary and IT to develop students' talents and personality according to their respective interests and talents. Get used to doing good culture such as congregational prayers, tahajjud and duha prayers, social services, Daber (Daarul Amiin clean). Evaluation of the implementation of character education is carried out regularly/scheduled (once a week and once a month) and this is also done by working with parents to find out the personal development of students to become human beings.