Hubungan Antara Lingkungan Kerja Dengan Semangat Kerja Guru Smp Al-Farisi Tapos Bogor Jawa Barat


work environment
Al-Farisi Middle School



The research was conducted at SMP Al-Farisi Tapos Bogor because it saw a work environment that was less conducive so that it would affect teacher morale. In increasing teacher morale, among others, it is determined by a conducive work environment, if the work environment is not conducive, the teacher's enthusiasm in carrying out their duties will not run well. Therefore, the work environment of the teacher is very influential in determining the morale of the teacher in carrying out his duties. The purpose of this study was to determine the existence of a work environment on teacher morale.

This research uses a quantitative approach. Sampling was carried out using a population of 30 teachers (teachers) at SMP Al-Farisi Tapos Bogor using saturated sampling technique. The data collection technique used a questionnaire. The data analysis technique used is simple regression and correlation in the form of descriptive analysis, inferential analysis, and test requirements analysis. The results of statistical calculations using SPSS 22 show that there is a significant positive relationship between the Work Environment (X) and Teacher Work Spirit (Y) at Al-Farisi Tapos Bogor Middle School, as evidenced by Ryx = 0.470 which has a sufficient level of relationship in the range (0.400-0.600), the significant value and the coefficient of determination are 24.6% and 74.4% are influenced by other factors. related to other factors. Such as education, skills, motivation, salary, health, technology, achievement opportunities and others.